About NextPCB



Since the products in the PCB industry are specially customized, your order on NEXTPCB can be canceled before the product is reviewed or produced, and you will get a full refund (if the order has been paid, the points and coupons will not return). If the product has been produced or shipped, we will not be able to cancel the order, so the payment for your products cannot be refunded.

Return Goods

Due to the specialty of customized products in the PCB industry, generally, we manufacture PCB according to the customer’s documents. We are not responsible for finding all the problems in the PCB file. Of course, our PCB engineers review the PCB file according to our experience and capability, we will contact you to confirm and modify them if there is an issue. However, if your PCB file is manufacturable but it may be wrong for your project, we will treat it as the right one and have nothing wrong to notify you. For this reason, you'd better check the file carefully before uploading it. We do not accept the return of the product, which is caused by the PCB file itself.

If we do not manufacture the right PCB according to the customer's files and remarks, or our manufacturing quality does not meet the corresponding IPC standard, etc., then, we do accept the return. The customer has the right to apply for the return of goods within 20 days after receiving the product. Returned PCBs will be re-produced and re-sent to your address (re-sent PCBs will not be charged additional freight and customs related fees)

Return Goods Refund

After receiving your return request, we will contact you by email to confirm whether you need to return and refund the goods. If you agree to a refund, we will refund the amount to your credit card or to your paid account within a certain number of days.

Overdue or missing refund

If you haven’t received a refund, please check your bank account again first, and contact your credit card/banking company to check the progress of the refund. Generally, the refund may take some time to get the progress done. If you have completed all of these actions but have not received a refund, please ask for help at support@nextpcb.com.